5 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Women love to be pampered and spoiled by their dad and their partners. Men, however, secretly hopes that they too will get the pampering they so deserve.

Whether it is his birthday or any other events, you need to make sure that he will also feel appreciated and spoiled. If you can’t decide what to give him, try gift baskets.

Gift baskets are very flexible since you can look for pre-made ones or create and customize them according to your ideas. What’s best is that there are a wide variety of ideas that you can have that is ideal for men. Here are some perfect gift basket ideas for him:

1. For the gamer men

Do you have a brother or a lover who sees games as drugs? Then you can create a gift basket out of those. No, I am not asking you to buy a gamer laptop or buy him an XBOX or even set up a gamer PC for him. (But if you could, then why not?) Except for the fact that these are too much expensive, these will not fit in your regular basket. What I am saying is you can buy him the latest games in CDs he can play. Or buy him accessories like a computer mouse for his laptops and PC and even headset that he can use while playing his favorite games.

2. For the handymen

Does your dad or husband have the ability to fix anything in the house? Why not put together some handy tools and equipment he can use? Get him a gift basket filled with pliers, grinder, screwdrivers, and hammers.  I’m sure he will love it and be more eager to fix all broken hinges and lightings in the house.

3. For men who love outdoor activities

Does he like fishing? Then you can put together a basket with all the fishing gears he will need. Or a basket filled with beers to drink while waiting for his catch. Then that basket will be used for another purpose by using it as a container for all the fish that he caught.

Does he love biking, hiking, or maybe some extreme sports? You can put together all the necessary gears he can use to fulfill his hunger to sweat. Shoes, towels, a bottled water, hand gloves or elbow and knees protector. This will instantly give a smile to his face.

4. For men with rides

Some men seem to love their cars or rides more than their girlfriends and wife. But, it is not true. They just love taking care of precious things like how they care for you. So, give him something he can definitely use for his ride. You can put together cleaning products or car tools that will be very useful for his ride’s maintenance.

5. For men who need a break

Men are the head of any household. Most of them are working really hard for their family needs. So they can use the night to take a break. Instead of going to a bar, pamper your man with a gift basket filled with wines or beers and snacks to go with it. You can also add few of his favorite DVD collection of action movies and spend the night relaxing with him.