4 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas

Mothers— how can we ever come into existence without them to carry us for nine whole months inside their tummies? And after that what? They care and love us with all their hearts. So now, it is your time to give back the love and show how grateful you are.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Or perhaps your beloved mom or the mother of your children will be having a plus one on her age? Maybe, you are going home after a long time?  Or maybe you just felt an overwhelming gratefulness inside you and wants to offer her a gift? Still not sure what you should give? Try Gift Baskets!

Gift baskets are one of the best ways to shower your mother with gifts. Whether you put one together yourself or select a pre-made basket, a gift basket will be full of great items that will show how much you love and appreciate her.

Here are a few gift basket ideas to help you give the best and most thoughtful basket:

1. For the First-time Mom

For your wife or a friend expecting her first baby, you can offer her a gift basket full of baby gear. Look for a basket filled with items that her newborn can use such as bath products for babies, baby blankets, or cute outfits for her little one. Or pick the baby items yourself and if you still have those items you used when you were a baby, you can add it and arrange it beautifully in a basket. Efforts would be much more appreciated.

2. For Moms who need a break

Being a mom is the hardest job. EVER! Her kids and husband keep her really busy. So, she could use the afternoon to herself. Pamper her with a gift box filled with scented candles, bath mitts, bath gels, body lotions, creams and even some herbal teas. Make sure to select one that has the fragrance she loves: citrus, vanilla, and lavender scents are the most popular nowadays.

If mom is not into bubble baths and the like, then you can put together a gift basket that makes her relax in a different way. You can wrap up her favorite DVD movies in a popcorn basket with sodas and popcorn to enjoy a movie marathon in the evening.

3. For Moms who love cooking

Chef mom? Or moms with a taste for finer tastes. Then she will ultimately love a gift basket filled with gourmet products that will meet her high standards. If she’s into creating nutritious snacks, a colorful, sweet fruit basket will do. Savory snacks? Look for baskets filled with crackers, cheese, olives, and meats. OR you can take a regular basket and fill it with her favorite ingredients and several handy kitchen equipments.

4. Sweets for Sweet Mom

Spoil mom with a basket full of her favorite sweets. She may not look like it, but she actually loves to take a bite of that chocolate of yours when you were a kid. Offer her a basket filled with chocolate covered truffles, cookies, and pretzels, chocolate bars and candies and she will find it very irresistible.