7 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Nurses

Everyone appreciates and treasured a nice gift, whether is it small or big. Not only that, they also feel that they are really special.

Nurses on the other hand also love presents, however, if you are planning to give them a present, here are some gift basket ideas that every nurse will surely love. I was looking for a gift for a nurse friend of mine and found a blog called Nurse Watches which is all about nurse watches and gift ideas. 

Whether you’re a friend, partner, patient, hospital administrator, or co-worker this article will help you a lot. So, let’s get started.


  • Foot Care Necessities


Since they are always walking around the hospital most of the time, every nurse loves to indulge their feet. For sure, a few pieces of foot soap and soak will make them happy. But if you want to make them feel extra special you can also put foot blush and some scrubs and salts.


  • Healthy Finger foods


One way to capture a nurse’s heart is to give her healthy finger foods. You can add organic crisps and cookies in the basket and rest assured your nurse friend will love it.

But if you want to make it more special and personal you can bake your own healthy cookies and include it in your gift basket.


  • Survival Kit


Even though they are in the hospital most of the time, every nurse must have a survival kit. This survival kit must consist of hand sanitizers, heel cushions, and ponytails. However, if you have extra money you can also buy a lot of bobby pins and a pair of sock and include them in your gift basket.


  • Exercise Essentials


If you want your nurse friend or partner to have a healthier body, why don’t you give him/her a gift basket that consists of exercise essentials such as a pair exercise of gloves and a yoga or exercise mat? Furthermore, you can also add some magazines to read and DVD to watch to inspire and motivate them to start and finish their workout session.


  • Nurse Goodies


Is there are a new nurse in your department, and you as well as your co-workers are planning to give him/her a welcome present? Then this gift basket idea is worth considering. Fill your gift basket with colorful pens, key chains, a lanyard, a planner, and notebooks.


  • Coffee Treats


As we all know some nurses work even at night, and there is no doubt they are really obsessed with coffee. So if you want to make them happy after or during their shift at night why don’t you give them a gift basket that is filled with coffee treats? Place some of their favorite coffee flavors and some desserts that are coffee-flavored.


  • Pot of flowers


Perhaps everybody will say flowers wilt easily. But did you know that flowers will make someone’s day extra special? Well, that is the reality. For nurses, pots of fragrance and colorful flowers will lessen their stress. Either way, by simply giving them a basket that is loaded with flowers, you will surely put a big and smile on their faces.


There you have it, the seven gift basket ideas where you can choose from. Nevertheless, since the Nurse’s Day is just around the corner, make sure you tell them how special they are by giving one of the mentioned gift baskets above.