5 Sweet Gift Basket Ideas for a Baby Shower

baby feet

If you are looking for the perfect gift ideas for a baby shower, a gift basket is the best way to go. If you had to plan a baby shower, it is always a fun way to put together cute and adorable baby gifts and giving your basket a personalized and heartfelt touch. It is a thoughtful gift idea, whether you are putting one for a baby boy or baby girl, where you can personally add to the tiniest cute detail that could really make an impression at the baby shower.

It is very easy to put together a baby gift basket if you are feeling creative. Crafts stores offer you many designs and decorations such as ribbons, tissue papers, trimmings and different sized baskets. Here are some gift basket ideas for baby shower you can put together:

1. For a fashionista baby

Putting together an OOTD for babies is probably the most wonderful things. Cute dresses for baby girl or cool suits for baby boy when combined with the baby’s cuteness can melt any heart. So make sure to look for the most trendy baby clothes they can use when going out so that they can show off their fashionista side to the world.

However, keep in mind that babies can be a little irritable at times. So you may want to choose clothes with comfortable materials for them not to have any rashes or anything.

2. For baby’s comfort

Babies love to sleep. So use that as an idea for putting together a gift basket filled with the word “comfy”. Baby pillows, baby blankets, bonnets, socks and others that will give babies a good night sleep.

Even though babies still can’t talk, they will show how grateful they are for such presents by sleeping comfortably and deeply.

3. For a playful baby

Babies are beautiful and heart-warming to watch when playing and laughing. So, you can put together a gift basket with soft toys inside for baby girl or boy to play. You can add in rubber ducks, cute plush toys, hanging musical toys, or animal squirting toys.

Since babies love to put everything in their mouth, just make sure that you are only choosing toys that are not too small and are only suitable for ages 1 to 3 years old.

4. For baby’s bath time

Instead of an ordinary basket, you can get a baby tub instead and fill it with baby bath items. A bath-themed gift basket for babies is a great gift for the cute little thing to stay fresh and smells nice. Put together essential baby bath items such as baby towels, baby shampoo, baby bath liquid soap, baby lotion, baby powder, baby oil, baby wipes and more inside a baby bath tub. This way, you can make sure that your whole gift will be used; from the items to the container.

5. For babies’ essential needs

Babies needs a lot. So, help their parents by putting together a gift basket filled with practical baby items. There are so many items to choose from. From grooming items such as baby cotton swabs, nail clippers for babies, soft hairbrush to essential baby items like baby bottles, baby diapers, baby spoons, and pacifiers.