4 Gift Basket Ideas for Makeup Lovers

makeup gift basket ideas

Makeup is a girl’s best friend (except for their shoes and other girlfriends). We all have that one friend who believes that “Makeup is life”. They have this huge collection of make-up and beauty products that can last them a lifetime but still wants more.

So, if you are currently looking for the perfect present to give to a makeup lover, why not try one of these basket ideas that will make any makeup lovers swoon!

  • Assorted Makeup Gift Basket

Any makeup addicts have a complete set of makeup from foundations to lip tint. But it is never wrong to make a gift basket full of assorted makeup (especially if it is filled with Sephora products) such as foundations, blush-on, lip tints, mascara, eyeliners, eye-shadows and more. In fact, she will surely love it. If you need help deciding what to get, check out a beauty blog like MakeUpsessed.com for some great ideas.

She will have more hues and shades to choose from and be very creative with her makeup. And although, she might have a makeup collection that could last her a lifetime, surely there are some products she does not own and would love to try out.

  • Assorted Makeup Tools Gift Basket

If you think she have no more rooms for new makeup products, then give her a basket filled with makeup tools and even makeup storages. Makeup tools such as makeup brushes with different sizes, makeup spatulas to scrape every last drop of foundation from the bottle, eyelashes curler, lipstick markers so she will not waste actual lipsticks marking and so much more.

For makeup storage you can add in pouch for to-go makeup storage, brush and lipstick holders, or a makeup organizer can really be helpful for any makeup lovers.

  • Skin Care Products Gift Baskets

As much as she loves makeup, any makeup lovers also needs high skin maintenance. Meaning you can also create a gift basket filled with revitalizing masks, face moisturizers, makeup wipes to remove makeups when she is a little lazy to wash her face, creams and so much more to take care of her skin.

  • Make-up Themed Accessories

If you want something unique to give to a makeup lover, then stop thinking about makeup and skincare products and focus on creating a gift basket filled with pieces of clothing and accessories that perfectly describes their love for makeups. Examples are lipstick patches to decorate their bag, lipstick-themed iPhone cases, pillows, mugs, tee or pieces of clothing with prints of funny and cute makeup designs or sayings.