5 Sweet Gift Basket Ideas for a Baby Shower

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If you are looking for the perfect gift ideas for a baby shower, a gift basket is the best way to go. If you had to plan a baby shower, it is always a fun way to put together cute and adorable baby gifts and giving your basket a personalized and heartfelt touch. It is a thoughtful gift idea, whether you are putting one for a baby boy or baby girl, where you can personally add to the tiniest cute detail that could really make an impression at the baby shower.

It is very easy to put together a baby gift basket if you are feeling creative. Crafts stores offer you many designs and decorations such as ribbons, tissue papers, trimmings and different sized baskets. Here are some gift basket ideas for baby shower you can put together:

1. For a fashionista baby

Putting together an OOTD for babies is probably the most wonderful things. Cute dresses for baby girl or cool suits for baby boy when combined with the baby’s cuteness can melt any heart. So make sure to look for the most trendy baby clothes they can use when going out so that they can show off their fashionista side to the world.

However, keep in mind that babies can be a little irritable at times. So you may want to choose clothes with comfortable materials for them not to have any rashes or anything.

2. For baby’s comfort

Babies love to sleep. So use that as an idea for putting together a gift basket filled with the word “comfy”. Baby pillows, baby blankets, bonnets, socks and others that will give babies a good night sleep.

Even though babies still can’t talk, they will show how grateful they are for such presents by sleeping comfortably and deeply.

3. For a playful baby

Babies are beautiful and heart-warming to watch when playing and laughing. So, you can put together a gift basket with soft toys inside for baby girl or boy to play. You can add in rubber ducks, cute plush toys, hanging musical toys, or animal squirting toys.

Since babies love to put everything in their mouth, just make sure that you are only choosing toys that are not too small and are only suitable for ages 1 to 3 years old.

4. For baby’s bath time

Instead of an ordinary basket, you can get a baby tub instead and fill it with baby bath items. A bath-themed gift basket for babies is a great gift for the cute little thing to stay fresh and smells nice. Put together essential baby bath items such as baby towels, baby shampoo, baby bath liquid soap, baby lotion, baby powder, baby oil, baby wipes and more inside a baby bath tub. This way, you can make sure that your whole gift will be used; from the items to the container.

5. For babies’ essential needs

Babies needs a lot. So, help their parents by putting together a gift basket filled with practical baby items. There are so many items to choose from. From grooming items such as baby cotton swabs, nail clippers for babies, soft hairbrush to essential baby items like baby bottles, baby diapers, baby spoons, and pacifiers.

5 Awesome Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Women love to be pampered and spoiled by their dad and their partners. Men, however, secretly hopes that they too will get the pampering they so deserve.

Whether it is his birthday or any other events, you need to make sure that he will also feel appreciated and spoiled. If you can’t decide what to give him, try gift baskets.

Gift baskets are very flexible since you can look for pre-made ones or create and customize them according to your ideas. What’s best is that there are a wide variety of ideas that you can have that is ideal for men. Here are some perfect gift basket ideas for him:

1. For the gamer men

Do you have a brother or a lover who sees games as drugs? Then you can create a gift basket out of those. No, I am not asking you to buy a gamer laptop or buy him an XBOX or even set up a gamer PC for him. (But if you could, then why not?) Except for the fact that these are too much expensive, these will not fit in your regular basket. What I am saying is you can buy him the latest games in CDs he can play. Or buy him accessories like a computer mouse for his laptops and PC and even headset that he can use while playing his favorite games.

2. For the handymen

Does your dad or husband have the ability to fix anything in the house? Why not put together some handy tools and equipment he can use? Get him a gift basket filled with pliers, grinder, screwdrivers, and hammers.  I’m sure he will love it and be more eager to fix all broken hinges and lightings in the house.

3. For men who love outdoor activities

Does he like fishing? Then you can put together a basket with all the fishing gears he will need. Or a basket filled with beers to drink while waiting for his catch. Then that basket will be used for another purpose by using it as a container for all the fish that he caught.

Does he love biking, hiking, or maybe some extreme sports? You can put together all the necessary gears he can use to fulfill his hunger to sweat. Shoes, towels, a bottled water, hand gloves or elbow and knees protector. This will instantly give a smile to his face.

4. For men with rides

Some men seem to love their cars or rides more than their girlfriends and wife. But, it is not true. They just love taking care of precious things like how they care for you. So, give him something he can definitely use for his ride. You can put together cleaning products or car tools that will be very useful for his ride’s maintenance.

5. For men who need a break

Men are the head of any household. Most of them are working really hard for their family needs. So they can use the night to take a break. Instead of going to a bar, pamper your man with a gift basket filled with wines or beers and snacks to go with it. You can also add few of his favorite DVD collection of action movies and spend the night relaxing with him.

4 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas

Mothers— how can we ever come into existence without them to carry us for nine whole months inside their tummies? And after that what? They care and love us with all their hearts. So now, it is your time to give back the love and show how grateful you are.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Or perhaps your beloved mom or the mother of your children will be having a plus one on her age? Maybe, you are going home after a long time?  Or maybe you just felt an overwhelming gratefulness inside you and wants to offer her a gift? Still not sure what you should give? Try Gift Baskets!

Gift baskets are one of the best ways to shower your mother with gifts. Whether you put one together yourself or select a pre-made basket, a gift basket will be full of great items that will show how much you love and appreciate her.

Here are a few gift basket ideas to help you give the best and most thoughtful basket:

1. For the First-time Mom

For your wife or a friend expecting her first baby, you can offer her a gift basket full of baby gear. Look for a basket filled with items that her newborn can use such as bath products for babies, baby blankets, or cute outfits for her little one. Or pick the baby items yourself and if you still have those items you used when you were a baby, you can add it and arrange it beautifully in a basket. Efforts would be much more appreciated.

2. For Moms who need a break

Being a mom is the hardest job. EVER! Her kids and husband keep her really busy. So, she could use the afternoon to herself. Pamper her with a gift box filled with scented candles, bath mitts, bath gels, body lotions, creams and even some herbal teas. Make sure to select one that has the fragrance she loves: citrus, vanilla, and lavender scents are the most popular nowadays.

If mom is not into bubble baths and the like, then you can put together a gift basket that makes her relax in a different way. You can wrap up her favorite DVD movies in a popcorn basket with sodas and popcorn to enjoy a movie marathon in the evening.

3. For Moms who love cooking

Chef mom? Or moms with a taste for finer tastes. Then she will ultimately love a gift basket filled with gourmet products that will meet her high standards. If she’s into creating nutritious snacks, a colorful, sweet fruit basket will do. Savory snacks? Look for baskets filled with crackers, cheese, olives, and meats. OR you can take a regular basket and fill it with her favorite ingredients and several handy kitchen equipments.

4. Sweets for Sweet Mom

Spoil mom with a basket full of her favorite sweets. She may not look like it, but she actually loves to take a bite of that chocolate of yours when you were a kid. Offer her a basket filled with chocolate covered truffles, cookies, and pretzels, chocolate bars and candies and she will find it very irresistible.

7 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Nurses

Everyone appreciates and treasured a nice gift, whether is it small or big. Not only that, they also feel that they are really special.

Nurses on the other hand also love presents, however, if you are planning to give them a present, here are some gift basket ideas that every nurse will surely love. I was looking for a gift for a nurse friend of mine and found a blog called Nurse Watches which is all about nurse watches and gift ideas. 

Whether you’re a friend, partner, patient, hospital administrator, or co-worker this article will help you a lot. So, let’s get started.


  • Foot Care Necessities


Since they are always walking around the hospital most of the time, every nurse loves to indulge their feet. For sure, a few pieces of foot soap and soak will make them happy. But if you want to make them feel extra special you can also put foot blush and some scrubs and salts.


  • Healthy Finger foods


One way to capture a nurse’s heart is to give her healthy finger foods. You can add organic crisps and cookies in the basket and rest assured your nurse friend will love it.

But if you want to make it more special and personal you can bake your own healthy cookies and include it in your gift basket.


  • Survival Kit


Even though they are in the hospital most of the time, every nurse must have a survival kit. This survival kit must consist of hand sanitizers, heel cushions, and ponytails. However, if you have extra money you can also buy a lot of bobby pins and a pair of sock and include them in your gift basket.


  • Exercise Essentials


If you want your nurse friend or partner to have a healthier body, why don’t you give him/her a gift basket that consists of exercise essentials such as a pair exercise of gloves and a yoga or exercise mat? Furthermore, you can also add some magazines to read and DVD to watch to inspire and motivate them to start and finish their workout session.


  • Nurse Goodies


Is there are a new nurse in your department, and you as well as your co-workers are planning to give him/her a welcome present? Then this gift basket idea is worth considering. Fill your gift basket with colorful pens, key chains, a lanyard, a planner, and notebooks.


  • Coffee Treats


As we all know some nurses work even at night, and there is no doubt they are really obsessed with coffee. So if you want to make them happy after or during their shift at night why don’t you give them a gift basket that is filled with coffee treats? Place some of their favorite coffee flavors and some desserts that are coffee-flavored.


  • Pot of flowers


Perhaps everybody will say flowers wilt easily. But did you know that flowers will make someone’s day extra special? Well, that is the reality. For nurses, pots of fragrance and colorful flowers will lessen their stress. Either way, by simply giving them a basket that is loaded with flowers, you will surely put a big and smile on their faces.


There you have it, the seven gift basket ideas where you can choose from. Nevertheless, since the Nurse’s Day is just around the corner, make sure you tell them how special they are by giving one of the mentioned gift baskets above.    


4 Gift Basket Ideas for Makeup Lovers

makeup gift basket ideas

Makeup is a girl’s best friend (except for their shoes and other girlfriends). We all have that one friend who believes that “Makeup is life”. They have this huge collection of make-up and beauty products that can last them a lifetime but still wants more.

So, if you are currently looking for the perfect present to give to a makeup lover, why not try one of these basket ideas that will make any makeup lovers swoon!

  • Assorted Makeup Gift Basket

Any makeup addicts have a complete set of makeup from foundations to lip tint. But it is never wrong to make a gift basket full of assorted makeup (especially if it is filled with Sephora products) such as foundations, blush-on, lip tints, mascara, eyeliners, eye-shadows and more. In fact, she will surely love it. If you need help deciding what to get, check out a beauty blog like MakeUpsessed.com for some great ideas.

She will have more hues and shades to choose from and be very creative with her makeup. And although, she might have a makeup collection that could last her a lifetime, surely there are some products she does not own and would love to try out.

  • Assorted Makeup Tools Gift Basket

If you think she have no more rooms for new makeup products, then give her a basket filled with makeup tools and even makeup storages. Makeup tools such as makeup brushes with different sizes, makeup spatulas to scrape every last drop of foundation from the bottle, eyelashes curler, lipstick markers so she will not waste actual lipsticks marking and so much more.

For makeup storage you can add in pouch for to-go makeup storage, brush and lipstick holders, or a makeup organizer can really be helpful for any makeup lovers.

  • Skin Care Products Gift Baskets

As much as she loves makeup, any makeup lovers also needs high skin maintenance. Meaning you can also create a gift basket filled with revitalizing masks, face moisturizers, makeup wipes to remove makeups when she is a little lazy to wash her face, creams and so much more to take care of her skin.

  • Make-up Themed Accessories

If you want something unique to give to a makeup lover, then stop thinking about makeup and skincare products and focus on creating a gift basket filled with pieces of clothing and accessories that perfectly describes their love for makeups. Examples are lipstick patches to decorate their bag, lipstick-themed iPhone cases, pillows, mugs, tee or pieces of clothing with prints of funny and cute makeup designs or sayings.